We are architectural design and planning consultancy based in Solihull. We assisting our clients with new houses, apartments, Commercial & office buildings conversions into residential C3 use, HMO conversions and students accommodation projects.  We secure both planning permission and building regulations approval of the projects.

Architectural Design

We provide complete architectural design services for develpment of new houses, apartments, Commercial & office building conversions into residential C3 use and HMOs.

Planning Permission

We submit full planning permission including design access statements, heritage statements, contamination, drainage, Topo surveys, Ecology reports, Transport assesments

Property Development

We are active in many Property circles and are always on the look out for Investors and Joint Venture partners to take on Development projects large and small. If you have properties/land to sell, or want to discuss potential profit-sharing schemes, please drop us an email with your name, site address, contact details, and a brief description of what you are hoping to achieve with your project.

Property Markketing

Property Marketing

We  also provide complete property marketing service for new developments project which range from flyers, sign boards, brochures, 3d visuals and website.